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The upper trendline descends while the lower trendline is flat , forming a triangle pattern. The pattern is completed when the price breaks out of the descending triangle and follows the overall trend direction. A Descending Triangle chart pattern is a bearish chart pattern that is formed when the price of a security or asset is making a series of lower highs and a horizontal support level.


EUR/USD Price Analysis: Bulls cheer triangle breakout to aim for 1.0780 hurdle – FXStreet

EUR/USD Price Analysis: Bulls cheer triangle breakout to aim for 1.0780 hurdle.

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Flexibility is an important aspect of trading with descending triangle patterns. After this price action is clear, you may go ahead and draw the descending triangle pattern. A prudent trader also determines the volume after the descending triangle pattern forms and is confirmed. Of course, specifically in the case of the descending triangle pattern, traders are looking for a breakout that occurs below the lower trendline. In other words, the prediction is set in motion when – amidst a descending triangle pattern – the stock price reaches a lower-than-seen-recently low.

Investing With Descending Triangle Chart Pattern

If both the trend lines converge at an unequal slope, then they are no longer symmetrical. An ascending triangle generally happens in an uptrend and is a bullish pattern usually traded on the upside while a descending triangle generally happens in a downtrend and is a bearish pattern usually traded on the downside. Both patterns can however be used as reversal patterns, however the use of that is rare. A Descending Triangle is a chart pattern that is formed when the price of a security creates a series of lower highs and a horizontal support level. This pattern is typically seen as a bearish pattern, as it suggests that the price is likely to break down below the support level.

Minimum two touchpoints are needed to make the support line and descending line valid. Just like Jay has Veeru, Munna Bhai has Circuit, and Bunny has Avi, even our chart patterns come in duos. Head & shoulder has Inverted head and shoulders, Double top has Double bottom similarly, Ascending Triangle has Descending triangle. We have already discussed the Ascending triangle in our previous blog. Now, let’s begin with understanding the Descending triangle pattern.

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TradersKart offers One-Stop E-commerce Solution for all the traders, where traders will get access to their trading needs. Let us look at the daily charts of Bajaj Consumers, where I have marked a descending triangle with blue lines. The projections, in this case, are achieved by measuring the distance all the way from the first high until the first low and then projecting it from the anticipated breakout level. When they see the pattern, they look for bullish dominance in the market space. This particular characteristic of the market is clear just before a breakout and can be used as a signal to set up a long position just before the breakout. We collect, retain, and use your contact information for legitimate business purposes only, to contact you and to provide you information & latest updates regarding our products & services.

Realistic Stock Trading Analysis: Descending Triangles Explained Using Real Chart Examples Paperback – Import, 24 January 2019

This specific set of lines is what traders refer to as a descending triangle pattern. This pattern is formed when the stock price high gets consistently lower while the stock price low remains consistent, . The two lines – referred to as the upper and lower trendlines respectively, together make a sort of triangle shape. Continuation patterns are commonplace and appear in any timeframe for any asset chart. In most cases, traders will trade in the direction of the prevailing trend as the triangles are pretty convincing continuation patterns. But there are also times when the price actually breaks out in the opposite direction.

The https://1investing.in/’s movement had been consolidating for the last few sessions as it kept on making lower highs and leveled lows, which translated into the formation of a Descending triangle pattern . This type of pattern causes the price action to break out from the sloping trend line. Distance is measured from the horizontal support to the initial high, and this is projected from the breakout level.


If it is just a few weeks old, then it is probably a pennant or a flag. The descending triangle pattern works better with technical indicators as we explained in the example. To use this strategy, first, wait for descending triangle pattern to be formed. The formation of the pattern at the top indicates that the uptrend is exhausting and the price takes a horizontal support level.

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Usually, it is calculated by subtracting the distance between the upper and lower trend lines at the point of breakdown from the entry price. The reversal of the descending triangle pattern at the bottom end of a downtrend is the direct opposite of a distribution event. In this example, you will find that there is a horizontal support level and at the bottom, the price is taking support and bouncing back more than 2 times. While the descending chart pattern offers many advantages, including ease of identification and a clear indication of the target level based on the maximum height of the descending triangle, it has a major drawback too.

  • However, this rise is not as much as the previous rise and the price moves down again.
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  • Apart from the fundamental analysis of stocks, technical analysis also plays a vital role in evaluating investments and figuring out trade opportunities.

One limitation of this chart pattern – which is true for most technical indicators – is its potential for giving false breakouts. In some cases, the share price moves outside of the pattern and even proceeds to break out of the price only to re-enter it. In other cases, an ascending triangle pattern may be redrawn many times without generating any momentum as its price skirts past trend lines but does not break out at all.

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  • When traders notice a declining triangle pattern, they immediately look for the stock price to fall below the lower trendline.
  • The stop loss may be placed above the descending slope side of the triangular pattern.
  • Distance is measured from the horizontal support to the initial high, and this is projected from the breakout level.

As the stock price is moving upward and downward in a triangle pattern various times, traders usually remain for the stock price to form three lower highs or higher lows. This indicates that both the buyers and the sellers are driving the stock price to obtain a clear trend. Estimating a breakout point also helps in knowing where to place one’s stop loss. Normally, in a symmetrical triangle chart pattern, the stop loss is placed right before the breakout point. For instance, assuming the aforementioned share breaks out on high volume from ₹12.00, traders will usually place their stop-loss right below ₹12.00 to minimize any potential losses. It is also crucial to note that, as with most forms of technical analysis, symmetrical triangle trading works best when one analyses other technical indicators and patterns as well.

Formation of Descending Triangle Chart Pattern

The majority of the losses came in May and June 2022, when the stock tanked from a high of INR 4,025.95 to a low of INR 2,040, after which the fall gradually slowed down. I mentor Indian retail investors to invest in the right stock at the right price and for the right time. So the way to invest using a descending triangle is to accumulate slowly in a fundamentally sound company that has some hiccups in the short term. First, let us look at the weekly charts of Venky’s, where I have marked a descending triangle with blue lines. I have taken the period prior to March 2020 crash to be able to understand the pattern better. Find the distance between resistance and support line and place it according to the breakout level.

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Trading, an entry is usually considered when a share price breaks out. The unspoken rule among traders is that one should buy if the share’s breakout occurs on its upside, and sell/short their trades if the breakout occurs on the security’s downside. To aid in reducing one’s potential losses, a stop loss is placed right outside the ascending triangle chart pattern.


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